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Daily Disconnects since moving to fibre extra

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Daily Disconnects since moving to fibre extra

Having moved last week to this fibre extra product from the standard FTTC fibre unlimited product (also with PN) I am now experiencing a daily loss of connection.


Is this to be expected, or have I now got a problem with these constant resets? So far the sync speed (d/s) has gone up more than it has down, but should this be happening?


Starting sync was 58,142. The connection dropped a few hours later then a day later it dropped again, but the speed went up...and so it goes on every 24 hrs or less...(6 disconnects/resets so far) Current sync is 62,996 d/s and 19,998 u/s.


Grateful for any help as to whether this is normal or not as I'm on day 7 of 14 and don't want to end up with an unstable connection where for years (with a few exceptions) it has been fine.


Many thanks.