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DSL in sync but unable to authenticate

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Registered: ‎05-07-2016

DSL in sync but unable to authenticate

Hello, I've raised a fault for this but was told it may take 72 hours to get a reply so was wondering if anyone can give any further assistance on here.


At around 7pm last night my service dropped and after running a few tests I've found that the DSL is in sync but my PPP details are not authenticating (details are 100% correct and have been tested both via the PlusNet Hub One and also via direct PPP connection from a laptop connected to a BT VDSL modem.

I've followed the checks on here - - and the BT test credentials are not working.


Is there anything that can be done to speed up getting this looked into or do I just need to wait 72 hours for a response? It's not a good impression after having only just joined.


Sync details below in case they are of any use, I suspect not however - 


3. Firmware version: Software version Last updated Unknown
4. Board version: Plusnet Hub One
5. DSL uptime: 0 days, 00:09:09
6. Data rate: 12034 / 60292
7. Maximum data rate: 12101 / 63884
8. Noise margin: 6.1 / 7.3
9. Line attenuation: 25.8 / 20.2
10. Signal attenuation: 25.7 / 19.5
11. Data sent/received: -



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: DSL in sync but unable to authenticate

The fault was raised with our suppliers yesterday and we've been asked to check back tomorrow for further updates.


Unfortunately all tests are coming back inconclusive/terminating prematurely so further investigation is required.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: DSL in sync but unable to authenticate

Sounds like the same problem I had a month ago( I reported it in the morning and was told that it was being looked at by their supplier. Problem was resolved later the same day.