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DNS server(s) query

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DNS server(s) query

Hi there. I have my DNS settings correctly configured in my router (as per and have had no issues for many years. However, today I checked my DNS servers via a couple of online services (, etc) and, no matter which of these sites I used, my DNS servers were reported as,, and All of these IPs report as being owned by Plusnet.

I have no interest in the "leak" aspect of this, but are the above IPs correct? When I do an ipconfig /all in a windows console my DNS servers are reported as found on the Plusnet link above (, etc). 

The DNS checking websites show the above 217.46.25.XX IPs no matter if I set my router to use Plusnet's primary or seconday DNS servers.

Thanks for any info.

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Re: DNS server(s) query

I get the same results using both links. Must be a redirect somewhere in Plusnet’s network.

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Re: DNS server(s) query

@Mobo   @Champnet 

You are getting two things confused. The IP addresses in your first paragraph are some of the dynamic addresses of the Plusnet servers  that are used when your hub connects to the Internet. If you like, the ones selected by the part of the hub connection username. The other two are the DNS servers used when you do a search with your web browser.

There is nothing to worry about.