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DNS server problems - plusnet tell me to use Google's instead

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DNS server problems - plusnet tell me to use Google's instead

Just a note to other users:

 just upgraded to fibre last week but have had problems today accessing websites, but outlook emails coming through fine,. Realised it was DNS related after searching on here. Plusnet did not even suggest it could be a DNS problem and instead fobbed me off all day with token gestures and lies about calling me back later to check how it was going (at first they say they'd call me back in two days!! helpful!)

Anyway, I changed the DNS settings of my computer network adaptor so it uses Google's servers ( and as you can't change the pones of the Hub One as it's locked down, whilst waiting to get through the PN (which took 30 minutes) and bingo! it worked. Shame they couldn't have suggested that themselves.

Told the chap I had figured it out myself. But what really annoyed me was all the fobbing off, and patronising "turn it on an back on again" rubbish they'd been pedalling all day/ The guy said, yes, this happens sometimes, there's not really anything you can do,except manually change the DNS settings on all your devices. Or buy another router! This is their advice. When I am paying £50 a month for this service. I was just pleased to get it fixed 


So folks, just so you know, you can easily change the DNS settings on iphones etc by going to the wifi settings and adding in the DNS bit. It's as simple as that.

Plusnet ain't what it used to be that's for sure...

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Re: DNS server problems - plusnet tell me to use Google's instead

A good proportion of all the problems on these forums would go away with this fix. It's becoming more and more well known that BT's DNS is badly broken. This isn't a PlusNet issue, BT own the DNS, and you have to do this fix when service is provided by BT in order to get reliable service.

Set Primary DNS to and secondary DNS to in all clients. Don't use the router address at all.

OpenDNS is said to work well also, I haven't tried that.

When I left BT a few weeks ago they tried to talk me into staying, when I told the BT girl that their DNS was unreliable she was quite proud to tell me that it would be just as bad on PlusNet..





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Re: DNS server problems - plusnet tell me to use Google's instead

I highly recommend using GRC's free DNSBench utility to find out the best DNS server for you to use. BT/Plusnet's are slower than many publicly available alternatives.