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DNS failing again with replacment Hub One

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Registered: ‎04-03-2009

DNS failing again with replacment Hub One


A couple of weeks ago I received a replacement Hub One after the original one (which had been in use for about 2 weeks) developed a problem where DNS lookups weren't being passed on to the Plusnet DNS servers and this one has started doing the same thing last night.

When web pages stop loading I can use nslookup to query the plusnet DNS servers directly and see they're still working and my Internet connection is still in place. Since the DNS server which is automatically assigned to my computer is the Hub One's address this means I have to either restart the Hub One which gets things working again for an hour or so, or manually specify DNS servers in my TCP/IP settings to bypass the Hub One.

That wouldn't be so bad for my desktop but not being able to leave my portable devices on automatic DNS server settings would mean I have to keep adjusting them depending on whether I'm at home or at work because my workplace's DNS servers are the only ones that can be used while I'm there.

Why is this happening?

The Hub One software version is | Last updated 18/08/17