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DNS Issues?

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DNS Issues?


Hope someone can advise. Last night at approx 11pm my internet stopped working. The router didn't show a drop in sync and appeared to remain connected. However, couldn't browse the internet and whilst my mobile phone could connect to WiFi, it stated "no internet". Left it till this morning at at 7 was still not working. Occurred to me the issue may be related to DNS so modified the settings in the router to use and internet started working. Raised a call with Plusnet support to see if there were known issues with DNS. I was told there wasn't although to be honest the support guy didn't give me the impression he went looking for any known issues. Whilst on the phone, I tried switching back to the auto assigned DNS servers and the connection continued to be ok. It stayed that way until approx 10am but then has been dropping in and out since. I've just now set it back to and so far, so good.

Are there issues with DNS currently? (Auto assigned ones seem to be and

To clarify - router remained synced througout.




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Re: DNS Issues?

Hi @TerminalMan


Thank you for your query.


We are unaware of any current DNS issues. However, the first thing I would try if you are using the Hub One router, is to perform a factory reset.


However, I've found some further information relating to this on another post.


If you have any further questions, please do let us know! -Katie



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 Katie C
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