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DMZ and 'slow' connection speeds

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DMZ and 'slow' connection speeds

I seem to be having an issue with the Technicolor TG582n and all of my devices being incredibly slow accessing the internet. I've tested assigning the DMZ to a device which makes the speed as expected. This can only be done for one device so there's got to be a setting or way of getting every device to the expected speed? When the device assigned the DMZ my download speeds are 45mb/s, when the device is 'normal' my speed ranges from 1 or 2mb/s to 15.
Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: DMZ and 'slow' connection speeds

Hi Drew, welcome to the forum.
Other than setting up this DMZ, have you any other customised settings for the TG582n?
I would try logging into it, clicking Disconnect to drop your PPP session, wait about 30 seconds and then power it off. Disconnect it from the Modem (do not power the Modem off or disconnect the Modem from the line). Then power up the TG582n again and do a factory reset. Re-connect it to the Modem and run a speed check to see if things have improved.