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DLM reset please

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DLM reset please

Is it possible for this to be done please? I have previously had 72Mb sync however due to adverse weather conditions and power issues in my neighbourhood this dropped to 63Mb sync, my line has not dropped sync for around a month now (apart from just now as I needed to reboot the router) and my sync speed has dropped yet again. Would it be possible to therefore reset the DLM/profile on my line please?
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Re: DLM reset please



I have the exact problem for the past 2 years. I always have a steady connection speed of 72-73Mbit but in the beginning of winter the speed decreases to around 62-63Mbit.


Powering the BT modem down for a several hours once every month brings the profile back up. Currently I have it at 67Mbit

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Re: DLM reset please

Would it be possible to therefore reset the DLM/profile on my line please?

I wish we could, unfortunately resetting a profile remotely isn't something we can do on a fibre connection. It requires a fault to be reported, an engineer to go out and resolve the fault and then they can request the reset at that point.

If your line is stable it's worth trying a single resync every few days.

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