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DLM and speeds

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DLM and speeds

I don't think as long as I have internet i'll understand DLM.

When I first moved to PN I had 49mb speeds. Fine I thought, then I put on my own modem/ router and gained an extra 5mb, whoopee 😀. Then some 18 months or so later I had a re- sync and lost the gained 5mb- boooo. Never mind I thought, more line stability and the speed will return. Nope, for the last 8- 9 months of 30+ day solid connections the speed stubbornly refused to move (in any direction). Imagine my surprise the other night when we had 2 small power cuts within an hour. [-Censored-] I thought, my speeds will take a hammering. Next evening when I got home, I looked at my BQM which was solid red, indicating yet another disconnection. checked the router stats and the speeds have gone up again!! Goes against everything I thought I knew about controlling line quality.


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Re: DLM and speeds

Mine was much the same with PN but since my move to another ISP I tend to get far more resyncs. Slight moves admittedly each time but always in the same range i.e. 78Mb/s plus/minus 1. 25 times since August. Not that I've ever noticed. I do wonder sometimes if it makes a difference if you are using your own router/modem. With PN I did, whereas with my new ISP I'm using their supplied kit.


Maybe DLM just forgot you........... 😀

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Re: DLM and speeds

DLM? SNR Margin? REIN? SHINE? etc.

The sooner FTTP is rolled out to your area the better - you can then forget about all that malarkey!  Smiley

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Re: DLM and speeds

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