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DLM Resets and integration

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Registered: ‎14-02-2019

DLM Resets and integration

Openreach look to be making FTTC DLM resets available to ISPs that front-up the integration cost.

Can I ask if anyone knows whether Plusnet plan to deploy this?

If so, could we see a 'DLM reset' self service button in the web interface? My line, like many, is gently slowing down over time and never recovering. An occasional DLM reset would be a welcome antidote to this.

( Background is that my speeds on fibre extra are still 30% down on where they were before a line fault in the summer, and are now under rather than over 40mbps, but still above the minimum guarantee. Funny how that number decreases with time/at every contract renewal! )

Hoping for some good news about DLM on this Halloween.