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DLM Forcing Fibre Connection to drop.

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Registered: ‎04-01-2018

DLM Forcing Fibre Connection to drop.


First reported the fault on 12 December and it has been intermittent since. So far I have had many conversations with Plusnet and they have arranged for 3 openreach (OR) engineer visits and the problem is still not fixed. All three engineers have ruled out any issue with my equipment and all have stated it is either a cabinet or exchange problem as the router cannot sync with the exchange. When dropped, the engineer could not detect a broadband signal. No problems ever with the voice line.

The 3rd OR engineer changed the port and the card at the cabinet/exchange but the problem has not been rectified. The 3rd Engineer notes are below .



Engineer Notes 29/12/2017 12:10:00 - 
Line reported as intermittent sync.
No sync on arrival on site
. PQ tested ok.
Checked at pcp FTTC port and no sync.
Coop call to wholesale and DLM issue found.
When DLM is altering profile it is stopping service
BT wholesale dealing with this report. Lift and shift carried out and service restored.


I believe BT responded to say the problem was fixed, so I have no idea if BT Wholesale are working on the issue. I asked Plusnet to reject their contact to advise them the problem still exists.

Every time an intrusive line check is carried out by Plusnet or a lift and shift by the OR engineer this reactivates the service for 24 - 48 hours until it is kicked out again. During activation periods speeds are good and there are no other issues until service is stopped by DLM.


Any help appreciated.