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Current line speed is 78mb,im getting 5!

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Current line speed is 78mb,im getting 5!

Hi,my fibre is really slow,I have tried resetting the router and ran all the tests as advised on the video.My current speed test is always around 5mb,yet my current line speed according to the plusnet website is 78.Many thanks

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Re: Current line speed is 78mb,im getting 5!

If its that bad then go through the fault finder steps and then raise a ticket....

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Re: Current line speed is 78mb,im getting 5!


Have you just upgraded to FTTC from Plusnet ADSL by any chance? 

If so then you may want to check that you have really been upgraded or are still on ADSL. The following will help.


Log onto the Plusnet Hub One Router and go to the Troubleshooting Section (top right corner). Once there click on the Helpdesk tab.


Look for the line starting 


23. Modulation:


 And then compare the code to the table below,


	         ADSL1	   ADSL2     ADSL2+    VDSL	 VDSL2
Standard G.992.1 G.992.3 G.992.5 G.993.1 G.993.2


If the code is for ADSL then you haven't been upgraded to FTTC yet. If it is VDSL then you have been. Let us know what it says.