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Current Line speed incorrect

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Current Line speed incorrect


Is there a reason since I have been moved to the "new network" and had my speed fixed to 38/2 speed (won't go over that argument again, sigh) that my current line speed is now 21 Mb (  It doesn't appear to be effecting my broadband download speed of 36 Mb down and 1.2 Mb up (i used to get 8 Mb, you would have thought I would get the maximum with it hobbled at 2 Mb??)


Does that line speed thingy need to be set to 40 Mb like it was before the 7 June 2016?





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Re: Current Line speed incorrect

Yes, Current Line Speed needs to be increased to 40Mbps.

The much lower value you have at the moment is probably not affecting you since you haven't disconnected from and reconnected to Plusnet since the value changed. If you did disconnect/reconnect the slower speed would kick in.

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Re: Current Line speed incorrect

Similar thing happened to me last week when changed to new network was showing 21mb spoke to them today and it's been changed to 37mb but didn't notice any speed issues

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Re: Current Line speed incorrect

This is just a thought.  Does the 'Current Line Speed' have any effect on the 'New network' ?


Ever since I was moved to the New network a few months ago, my current line speed has been remained unchanged at '40Mb', but speedtests report 58 mbps since the move.  

Having said that, I just quickly initiated downloading some linux ISOs from some randomly selected UK servers and the speed seems to be capped to around 38mbps.  May be this suggests speedtesters are uncapped.


I'm on legacy 40/20 product which is soon to become 55/10.






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Re: Current Line speed incorrect

@gavininwales I've sorted that out for you now.

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