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Correcting address on Openreach database

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Correcting address on Openreach database

I ordered my fibre broadband on the 29th September, but have been told on numerous occasions (and promised that it was now fixed) that my address has been deleted form the open reach database, so the order will not be accepted.  Obviously nobody at plus net that I have spoken to understands, or wants to find a solution to the problem, and was told tonight to give BT a call (
my current provider) to see if they can help, of course they couldn't, and they suggested I ring Open reach.  I can't believe that this hasn't;t occurred before (it clearly has looking at the message boards) and that nobody at plus net has a clue as to how to fix it.  I'm really starting to lose patience, can anyone in here point me in the right direction to get my address updated? Plus Net and BT have my correct address on file.  


Any help appreciated!

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Correcting address on Openreach database

With address problems, my experience is that we usually get a response something along the lines of "As you are not the provider of this line we cannot accept your request to change/update/modify the address records for the line"

However I've sent an email off anyway, just on the off chance something has changed since the last time I tried this.


Currently, when trying to check the records for your address, we are presented with the following error message:

'Address Not Found. Openreach have deleted this address from CSS but not Siebel. This address is now unusable; please submit your order using Add New Address instead.'


While this wouldn't be much of a problem if we were installing a new line, it can present problems for trying to take over a line that is supposed to be at the address in question.


As we're not currently the provider for the line, I can't make any promises of us being able to submit a successful request for Openreach to update their records, on behalf of your current provider, but leave this with me for now and I'll try and get some movement on this from our side for you.


I've escalated the ticket on your account to myself and will provide updates as soon as I have more information available.


Thanks for your patience.

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 Harry Beesley
 Plusnet Help Team