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Constantly interrupted connection

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Constantly interrupted connection

Hi there



I am having some issues with my plusnet account. Basically earlier on today my bill bounced for whatever reason and i got the standard "failed billing" interruption. I immediately logged onto my account and paid my bill, however this has not solved the issue. I am getting constantly interrupted during browsing, i click on a link and i get redirected to which them gives me the message "the account has no invoice in failed billing" to me indicating that i should not still be being transferred to this page, as my bill is up to date. I have phoned 3 times this evening and been told various reasons for my internet being constantly interrupted, and have tried everything from turning my router off for 65 minutes to refreshing my I.P address, none of which has made any difference.


I believe that when i paid my bill earlier today, for some reason plus net's systems are still redirecting me to this page in error, and because my bill is actually up to date, i cannot knowledge the message like I normally would when I am directed to this page, so i am simply directed to this page again and again. I hope to get a response from plusnet soon, because I will not be ringing up and spending 20 minutes on hold for a 4th time, unless it is to cancel my account.

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Re: Constantly interrupted connection

This is a known problem. Try switching off your router for 65 minutes then it should cure the problem
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Constantly interrupted connection


Hi @jadeandpaul


Welcome to the Forums! 


I can see the interactions you had with us yesterday regarding this, can I ask if you are still experiencing this issue? 


I have manually disabled and then enabled your account before performing a remote session kill from our side - this should rectify your issue. 


Can you please let us know if this helps? 





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