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Connection randomly dropping

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Connection randomly dropping

I'm having issues with my connection where everything will stop loading for about 30 seconds then come back up, this is really intrupting my ability to work and really do anything, it only really seems to be an issue when it's peak times.

I haven't collected my own data on this as it's only recently started in the past week.


Would it be possible to run a line check and post a the connection graph?




Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Connection randomly dropping

Hi @adamtyvm and welcome to the Community Forums.
I'm sorry to hear you've had connection issues as of recent and when looking into your connection I can there certainly looks to have been more drops over the last few days than the month prior with also signs that your speed at some point recently dropped a fair bit but has since returned to normal.

How are things looking your side over the last day or 2? As when looking for any underlying issues today there isn't anything out of place and everything is looking spot on to the router. We look forwards to hearing from you.

 Ben Devine
 Plusnet Help Team