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Connection problems

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Registered: ‎12-05-2015

Connection problems

I have a bt openreach modem which is displaying all lights on but have no broadband or Internet lights on the plusnet router, spent over an hour on the phone this afternoon and no joy, Indormed would be 48-72 hours for the fault to be raised, has anyone had this same issue and if so how was it resolved?
The line tests could not be performed by plusnet so I'm sure it may be a bt problem but the guy said we would have to wait until plusnet have carried out their checks first before an engineer will be called..suppose we are going to have a long wait until this problem is resolved!! Not good considering this is only our first month with plusnet..
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Re: Connection problems

If the correct lights are on the modem then the connection is probably in sync to the exchange and it's the authentication layer causing the issue.
Our faults team will get on to this and look into it asap.
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 Chris Parr
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