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Connection loss

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Connection loss

I have, for the most part, enjoyed a great service from Plusnet and while my recent issue hasn't put me off them, it is still a little annoying.


For a little over a month now, my connection seems to drop out every 4-5 days.  Plusnet support say this is normal for a broadband connection but I've never noticed this before.


To me, the disconnects seem to be a pattern whereby it happens every 4 days.  It drops and then it connects again in a minute or two.


Anyone have any insights into this?

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Re: Connection loss

Hi @khaled35,


While it does seem to happen every 3-5 days, it doesn't seem to be at any specific time and could be nothing to worry about. Similarly, it could be almost anything causing this and I'm afraid it could be difficult-impossible to track down the exact cause.

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