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Connection issues

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Connection issues

This is the problem; my internet connection drops out frequently and mostly when using Wi Fi. I've contacted support several times and have just gone round in circles. Today, speaking to Carl I think, the opinion given back was; yes, there are drop outs on the line but nothing apparently considered above average  ( I think it's more than reasonable to expect to experience No dropouts, but there's a bigger issue)  After a little conversation, and I admit I was frustrated and no doubt went into a few rants, Carl's conclusion over my Wi Fi drop outs was to say that it was my environment that was at fault over which he has no control or responsibility. Previous to Plusnet I had Sky for fourteen years and experienced no Wi Fi problem, the last four years using exactly the same equipment I have now. Secondly, my YouView is connected by Ethernet yet this also breaks up frequently, when it does the router 'freezes' and all signal is lost. I've speed checked computers and IPads and speeds are strong. I've rebooted, changed router channel, re-positioned the router till its in line of sight. Still drop outs are happening every day at all various times. But, it would seem thats my problem. I'm being left with no choice but to change back to Sky with the strong possibility of having to pay £300 for breaking the contract. If you have any ideas or solutions I'd be happy to hear them.
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Re: Connection issues

Hi can i ask if your using the Plusnet router if so then that's the issue it's pretty much cack for wi-fi and very basic for everything else and that's putting it nicely,  many members here have purchased their own router to replace the Plusnet one sadly that might have to be your only option also, unless of course you choose to leave but it  would be at a big cost whilst still in contract.