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Connection drops - any comment on my (yuletide) logs?

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Connection drops - any comment on my (yuletide) logs?


Merry FTTC Christmas.


Have/had a problem with connection drops:


  • Plusnet FTTC.
  • Draytek 2850n
  • Firmware Version : (latest available)



The problem manifests itself thus:


When attempting to “use” the connection, say for light browsing, the connection may be stable for a short while before dropping.


If the connection undergoes any “stress” (large download) the connection is dropped.


If unused the connect does not appear to drop.


Once dropped, the connection is re-established automagically.


The above is based on testing and the fact the router reports the disconnect/connect by email report.


The device has worked fine up to this point (the several, previous issues with the connection have been found to be outside of the property).


In all other respects, the device appears to be working normally.


The Draytek was swapped out with the Plusnet Hub one router.


The problem did not manifest with the Plusnet Hub One router. However, I need the features of the Draytek, so a simple swap-out is unfortunately not an option.


IIRC we had a similar problem a couple of months back with similar symptoms. This was fixed by Plusnet/BT I think.


Attached is the syslog output from the Draytek, the VDSL status & output from the router ADSL stats.


In the attached syslog, the connection drops at about 07:45:24, this follow the commencing of a large download. The VDSL/ADSL data captured during the time the connection was flapping..


The Draytek is now back in place and working fine.


Raised with Plusnet - no faults found.


Can any wise young or old owl see anything in the attached logs, please?


Ho! Ho! Ho! (etc). Smiley


Thank you.


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Re: Connection drops - any comment on my (yuletide) logs?

The VDSL2 chip in the Draytek 2850n is obsolete and cannot support the features necessary for it to work properly with FTTC. See under the heading "Earlier Draytek Products".

Either replace the Draytek 2850n with a newer model, or get a VDSL2 modem to use in conjunction with the Draytek 2850n.

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Re: Connection drops - any comment on my (yuletide) logs?

Hi.Thanks for the comment and i was unaware Draytek were offering an upgrade path - thank you for that!

At the moment the draytek has been stable for 172 hrs, so I'm not sure that the problem is with the Draytek (prior to the incident the unit was stable for a considerable period and was being used reasonably vigorously, too).

Our contract end date is around the march 2017 date, so we may just change (back) to adsl as that is sufficiently fast and has proven more reliable than VDSL option.