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Connection dropping more than 20 times a day

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Connection dropping more than 20 times a day


We moved to plusnet about 8 weeks ago and everything was okay until recently. We've been away from the house for three weeks and just returned on Sunday night, since then we've noticed that our internet keeps dropping - yesterday and today got worst than ever.

last night (19/08 - about 9-10pm) it managed to drop about 5-6 times in the space of an hour, we know it was that often because we were watching a movie on netflix and it kept buffering every time the connection dropped.


this afternoon (19/08 - 2-5pm) dropped at least 3 times and it has dropped twice more in the evening (8pm).


just to be clear, this does not appear to be a wifi problem but rather a connectivity problem - the router light is blue and then the next second is red flashing until it re-connects. The router logs also confirm that the line dropped and it reconnected after two/three minutes.

Is there a way the line could be tested because both myself and my husband are working from home and it's impossible to do zoom calls via laptop so we have resorted to do them via mobile (eating up about 4 gb of data just today).