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Connection dropping frequently

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Registered: ‎13-08-2020

Re: Connection dropping frequently

Mine is exactly the same, very frustrating, I finally can see grandkids and they want to watch stuff on net and now can't get on as it is dropping constantly or asking for a password which it doesn't accept. I can see something about changing channels etc but my BT wifi worked fantastic, it was just cost that I changed for but now I'm having doubts if it's like this all the while;-(


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Registered: ‎13-08-2020

Re: Connection dropping frequently

Yes - I've had this for the last three days or so - constantly dropping out.  Not sure if it's a heat / lightning / etc, but the service status of Plusnet shows no issues.


Having to resort to 4G for working from home, and customer services not taking calls right now.


I get that issues occur, but I'd rather not be underwriting the cost of something that can't be reliably provided.



Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Connection dropping frequently

Hi @jaypeaeyes

Sorry to hear about issues with your broadband. I have looked into your connection and it is stable with no drops in last 9 days.



Situation is more less same on your line. There was ongoing connection for 40 days with no drops, there were few drops between Tuesday-Thursday and now line is stable again.


Please check out the help and support page here