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Connection dropping for all devices after business laptop is connected

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Connection dropping for all devices after business laptop is connected

Hi everyone,

   I experience strange problem with my Fibre Broadband Connection. It is ok and works quite fine, I can connect various devices. However, problems start when I connect my business laptop to WiFi. Typically, after a few minutes, the connection looks like blocked for ALL devices. When I try to go to any page on any device using any browser, it gets stuck without giving me any error. It looks like it keeps waiting for server response indefinitely.



After I restart the router, the problem is fixed and I can browse internet on any device including business laptop. However, after some time (varying, from one hour to several hours) the problem is back (provided my business laptop is still connected to WiFi). 


When such situation occurs, if I go to then:
- in Home tab: it says Internet is Connected and all connected devices are listed (including business laptop). Clicking 'Disconnect' button and then 'Connect' does not solve the issue - only full restart of router helps

- When I go to Event Log, there is nothing special in it: typically, last event before 'New GUI Session' and 'Admin login successful' is one the following:
--> OUT: BLOCK [65] First packet is Invalid (Invalid tcp flags for current tcp state: TCP /.../ )
--> IN: BLOCK [16] Remote administration (TCP [<IP>]:40198-​>[<IP>]:8080 on ppp3)
--> ath00: STA XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX IEEE 802.11: WiFi registration failed
However, I can see similar events in Event Log when the problem is not present at the moment (because I haven't connected my business laptop).

Does anyone have some hint what could be the culprit here? Maybe some hints for how to narrow down the problem? Which tool could be helpful?

Business laptop in question is new MacBook Pro if that matters, but I suppose it is rather some software issue.

Let me know if there is some more info I could provide in order to help better understand the issue.


Thanks for any help / suggestions!

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Re: Connection dropping for all devices after business laptop is connected

Welcome to the Forum @manicaesar

I don't know what is happening but one thing it might be worth eliminating - particularly as you have a Mac - is the possibility of the Mac getting confused about which wireless signal to connect on. It might be worth separating the two signals and see if that helps. @bill888 has posted how to do that at

Please let us know how you get on.