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Connection dropping and internet frequently slow

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Registered: ‎23-09-2020

Connection dropping and internet frequently slow

I switched to Plusnet at the beginning of September (Unlimited Fiber Extra, at 66 Mbps). During the first couple of weeks I have experienced connection drops and sometimes the speed would be down to about 10 Mbps. I assumed these were normal at the beginning.


Today I received a mail indicating that my estimated peak time speeds are 49 - 67 Mb download / 11 - 17 Mb upload, and a 44.4 Mb guaranteed speed, yet the line still drop a few times every day and at present my download speed is 20 Mbps !


My partner and I both work from home and getting kicked out of important conference calls just isn't acceptable. We switched to Plusnet to get a better bandwidth precisely for those calls, and I start to think we should have stayed with the 35 Mbps we had with TalkTalk previously, which at least was stable. Please do something!