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Confused. Go live date vs actual connection date.

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Confused. Go live date vs actual connection date.

I have received an email (see attached) from Plusnet Customer Support advising that after my initial 14 days of connection my line speed has been tested and it is below what it should be. 

To be honest, I'm just glad to have any connection, never mind the speed. 

If only I had had broadband for the past 14 days!  Very annoyingly this was not the case and I finally got connected on Tuesday this week - 2 days ago.  This was due to BT not correctly activating my connection.

So my line has been tested after a max of 2 days connection. 

I understand from reading other posts that there is a bedding down period when speeds can fluctuate so surely after 2 days of actual connection the speeds I have been advised are not accurate. 

Should I leave it 14 days from when I actually became connected to see if things improve?  Will they retest my speed then?

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Re: Confused. Go live date vs actual connection date.

I would complain of a speed issue, since the the speed is less than the guaranteed speed.

Plusnet will make you run speedtests and it will probably take much more than 14 days to get any resolution.