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Compatable 3rd Part VDSL router forPlusnet

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Compatable 3rd Part VDSL router forPlusnet

Hi I have just been told that Netgear routers are not compatible with Plusnet.  Does any one know why?

I had been getting a lot of wifi dropouts on the supplied Plusnet router so I changer to a Netgear D7800 VDSL router/modem and my line speed dropped to to 58% of what it had been (60 Mbps to 35 Mbps).  

Plus net support suggested this was due to Netgear routers not being compatible with the Plusnet system but they could not explain why.  I have asked to be contacted buy someone from Plusnet who can explain why.


Has anyone else had this problem?



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Re: Compatable 3rd Part VDSL router forPlusnet

as far as i was aware any VDSL router will work with PN/BT network .

The search came up with these results Thumbs Up

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Re: Compatable 3rd Part VDSL router forPlusnet

My Netgear D7000 worked fine on PN. However as the PN staff only know about the supplied routers they won't be able to help you with settings.

When you say your speeds have dropped, do you mean sync speeds, max achievable speeds, or speed test results?