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Changing my router

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Changing my router

Basically is it worth it, I currently have the standard Openreach,Plusnet router setup have the usual gaming consoles, iPads, phones plus other tablets connected to it. I game online with an Xbox One my son uses a PS3, even tho all ports are forwarded, the PS3 placed in my routers DMZ etc I still get nat issues especially on PS3.
If I am honest the Plusnet router just doesn't seem very good, should I replace both with an all in one, if so which one baring in mind I game online as well as everything else connected.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Changing my router

Depends on a lot of things, really, including:
What speeds do you get (wired, not wireless)? 
Does this match your IP profile?
Are your gaming consoles wired or wireless?
What is your budget?
There are lots of decent routers out there but personally I would recommend you leave your modem in place and just get a router, rather than an all-in-one.  The OR modems normally work fine anyway.
I have an ASUS RT-N66u which currently retails at £92.99 on Amazon.  Does everything I need it to, has dual bands and a built in print server, as well as a number of guest networks and it has three external antennae for better reception.  I game on the Xbox 360 while my son uses his Xbox One with no troubles.  The price is not for everyone but it has worked fine for me