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Changing from FTTC to FTTP

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Changing from FTTC to FTTP

Hello, I am sorry if I am in the wrong place but I would be very grateful for some advice.

I am currently in an Unlimited Fibre Extra contract with Plusnet that is FTTC and needs to be renewed shortly. As I write OpenReach are installing poles to provide FTTP.

What I would like to know is if I extend my contract for a further 18 month contract, would this change to FTTP when it was turned on? If so, would that happen automatically, Or would I stay FTTC until that contract ended?

I hope that makes sense. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Re: Changing from FTTC to FTTP



First of all - are you happy with your current speeds? PlusNet don't currently offer a FTTP service but it is believed to be launching in the autumn. However, until (or unless!) they launch dates are flexible.


If you're looking for more speed asap then you would probably need to change supplier once FTTP is available. If you're happy to wait then it'll probably take an upgrade to get PlusNet to supply FTTP when (or if) available. They wouldn't do it automatically as it costs money. If staying with PlusNet then your contract situation wouldn't matter but it would if moving ISP.



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Re: Changing from FTTC to FTTP

@jretigan Welcome to the forums.

If you renew your FTTC contract when it falls due, and IF Plusnet are able to offer an FTTP connection during the period of that contract which you wish to take, AFAIK, you would be able to cancel the FTTC one and take out an FTTP contract (as a new one), probably without cancellation charges. As I say, it would involve a new contract, which would start from your connection date, not from the start of your original, cancelled FTTC contract.