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Change to Fibre gone wrong

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Change to Fibre gone wrong

Got all the notifications that the switchover to fibre is complete. Only problem is I don't have fibre, and now I don't have internet at all.

Given that all I have done is changed the old modem which was working perfectly for the new fibre modem what could posssibly have gone wrong?

plusnet have got me to connect via the But master socket but still everything shows (them) it should be working. I have an engineer booked for tomorrow so will have been off line for two days.


Is it likely to be my wiring (I don't think so but have had the chat about paying if it is)


Not complaining yet because stuff happens but just curious about what the problem could be and more important how long it might take to sort out.

The most frustrating thing is the wretched leaflet that tells me to connect up, and relax and have a cup of coffee for 5 minutes until it connects. Instead I've been watching a flashing orange light for 36 hours.....






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Re: Change to Fibre gone wrong

Hi @Daviddaviddavid,

Welcome to the forums! I cannot access your account details or check your connection (one of the Help team can do this when they see this post) but I can offer up some suggestions to try in the meantime.

Have you connected any devices to the router yet via wireless or network cable? If you have, can you try accessing the control panel on the router via its local IP address through your web brower on the connected machine? I suggest using a laptop or PC for this.

Open up your browser of choice and enter into the address bar. When you get in, you should be able enter in your Plusnet details to get connected.


I suspect that your router has not got your plusnet username and password which should have happened in that '5 minute' window after connecting. But this is only a wild guess on my part.

If the above does not work, hopefully one of the Help and Support team will be able to take a closer look at your connection from their side. It's worth a try though.

I hope you manage to get it sorted and that one of the senior Help members can take a closer look for you soon when they see this thread!

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Re: Change to Fibre gone wrong


As I said I have had a chat with tech support and await an engineer tomorrow. I had a look at the modem settings and saw that once logged in as the administrator that username is I tried putting in the user name and password that gets me into my account e.g. and then my password and clicked connect nothing happened.

Is this what you meant?

I'm just impatient, and Like to know what the issues are because it alll seems rather iffy. One expects with modern control systems and diagnostics it would all be straightforward. Now I have a vision that it all depends on a man in a van with the Sun on the dashboard connecting wires together.

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Re: Change to Fibre gone wrong

Sorry for the problems you've had. I've looked over your account this morning and can see you're now online, let us know if there's anything further we can help with.

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