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Change SNR target to 3db

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Change SNR target to 3db

Having had my FTTC service for 10 days and the line being stable I was wondering whether it would be possible to adjust my SNR target to 3db? Up and dowstream would be great but I don't know that the upstream is adjustable?

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Re: Change SNR target to 3db

PlusNet are not able to change SNR target values on FTTC. It is all controlled by Openreach DLM. If your line is stable you may get a reduced SNR value but it depends on other factors, such as what type of cabinet you are on, if G.INP is activated and the unpredictable complexity of the DLM system. So it's a case of just waiting to see what happens, or not.Smiley

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Change SNR target to 3db

Hi @MrMot


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm pleased to confirm that there's nothing further that I can add to the excellent response from @RealAleMadrid


As advised, SnR on FTTC works in a slightly different way to ADSL and can't be manually adjusted by ourselves.






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