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I have been trying to get onto the Live chat but it keeps booting me off today. I am potentially looking at leaving early (Contract finishes in sept) The Hub is useless I have to keep restarting it as it won't connect to my devices, I have had to purchase 2 extenders to make sure I get a signal upstairs in the bedrooms and the service just isn't reliable, especially as I have been working from home I have to keep plugged into the hub as it can't cope over wifi. The hub also makes a HORRIBLE scratchy noise all day everyday, like nails down a chalkeboard


I just want to know how much the cancellation fee would be to see if its affordable fror me to bailout early. 

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Re: Cancellation

Have you noticed this thread 5GHz-WiFi-issue 

If your WiFi connectivity Issues are related to 5Ghz WiFi devices there is a Hub One Firmware update that might fix things for you.

It won't improve the Hub One range though.


Probably best to call Cust Service on 0800 432 0200,

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Re: Cancellation


Live chat is no longer available and hasn't been for some time.

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