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Can you check that I'm on the right package please?

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Can you check that I'm on the right package please?


My down speed has been about 45Mbps at the PC  for many months (47Mbps at the socket or thereabouts). This is better than should be expected if the estimated distance to Cabinet is accurate. However, my uplink speed was usually 12Mbps, sometimes 11.5, often 12.7/13Mbps, about 2 months ago, it dropped to 9.5Mbps where it has doggedly stayed ever since, the uplink remains at 45Mbps at the PC, regardless.


Thinking about this today, i wonder if I could have been put onto the BT Wholesale 55/10 service? That would explain the lower up speed but same down speed since my down link speed is lower than I can achieve.


Is this likely/possible? Could someone have seen an easy means to save a bit of outlay, or could BT have done it inadvertently, supplying a standard package instead of 80/20?

I bet I'm wrong, but I'd like to be sure, if I can. Two months or so ago the uplink speed dropped suddenly, I expected/hoped that it would recover just as suddenly but it seems to be on a one way trip. It's very steady at 9.5Mbps, too steady?