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CHAP authentication failed after switch

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Registered: ‎29-09-2020

CHAP authentication failed after switch

Today is my switch date for my new Plusnet service and I’m afraid we are off to a bad start.

After receiving the email to say my service is ready to go I plugged in my router as instructed. It connected straight away, but I wasn’t able to get anywhere. Looking on the routers config page it is using the which is likely causing the issue.

Searching the forum shows that this is easily rectified by updating the username and password to <username>, and using the password for my account. Unfortunately when I do that we don’t get any connection, the log shows a CHAP authentication failure. I’ve checked the password and it is correct. I’m putting in my username as printed on my welcome letter. I found another post suggesting resetting the password which I’ve done, but I still can’t connect.

I’ve been trying to call support all day but the lines are closed due to high demand. The online chat also is switched off, so I’m reaching out here in the hope someone from Plusnet sees this and presses the button to activate my account.

I apologise if I’m being impatient and it would just work by itself later. I’m just trying to reduce my downtime as it seems this is a problem and not expected behaviour.