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Broken promise of faster fibre.

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Broken promise of faster fibre.

I'm very disappointed in my Plusnet Fibre service, to say the least.  After receiving the notification, as shown, I went off on location on Monday fully expecting to see an uplift in our broadband speed by the time I returned last night.  On the contrary, I have been testing repeatedly and despite rebooting the router a number of times, have been getting some of the worst speeds since fibre was set-up.  We had been getting a reliable 36/7Mbs down and 9.7 up for months.  Now it can drop to mid-twenties down at any time.  As it happens, the upload speed is fine, but I would like to see the faster download ASAP.  We are one of four houses built about four years ago and I know one of my neighbours has a 52Mbp contract, so the line is good.

What's going on?

Screenshot 2016-08-01 12.49.39.png




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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.

You're not being restricted by anything on our side, this is purely down to the sync speed of your line, until that improves no changes we make will have any impact on your download speed.


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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.

Hello Chris,


That's very disappointing.  I'd rather not have had the message in the first place - I will keep checking to see if the speeds continue to be erratic.


Best wishes,



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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.


Does the modem/router you are using show the attainable sync rate?

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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.

So looks as if i am also in the same situation.......   a nice present i thought when the email stated i would move up from poss 38 to 52........  Speed tests have also put me in the 36/38 bracket.......    today   not changed one iota.......  So we all have  cabling and wiring " unsuitable" ?   and i guess always shall.  So when do promises become reality, or will flying pigs appear first.         The word    M I G H T     in the Plusnet email really means  ????



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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.

to make it clear if you were not capable of more than 40Mb to begin with you will NOT see 52Mb, Plusnet can not magically make a line do that, sadly some are wondering where their 52Mb is that will never come.

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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.

problem is PN decided to tell people they would magicly achive 55mbs ? Despite the fact that most peoples will only achive what they  get at present !!

PN FORGOT to mention they give you FREE Download speed only if your line is capable Crazy2

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Re: Broken promise of faster fibre.

It's up to 52Mb, if you can't achieve that speed it's not really a problem.

Can't see where it says " 52Mb no matter how bad the line is "

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