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Broadband failures please investiagte

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Registered: ‎29-11-2017

Broadband failures please investiagte

Since joining plusnet last year, I have had multiple instances of the
broadband going down. Sometimes for a couple of minutes at other times
like today for over half an hour.

Because they became so frequent I started logging them and on average it's
happening 3 times a month.

I transferred my service from Zen and do you know how many times I lost
internet access during my years with them? Zero.

Why is it you cannot keep a stable broadband connection to my home?

It's obviously a problem your end as no problem existed when I was with Zen

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Re: Broadband failures please investiagte

The fact that it's started happening since you moved from Zen to Plusnet could be no more than a co-incidence. If it's only happening three times a month you may find that it is not considered a fault worth investigating by Openreach and therefore not something that Plusnet can deal with. There's a fair chance you will get the 'some drop outs are to be expected' patter.