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Broadband Upgrade Issue

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Registered: ‎17-09-2017

Broadband Upgrade Issue

Hi I upgraded my broadband now months ago and have seen no improvement in speed at all including upload which i am lucky to get 2Mbps upload max I usually hit download is 28Mbps I'm paying £35+ a month for this for months now and i'm getting grade C Broadband and when ever i try and call customer services we get huge waiting times and sometimes the call just goes dead I find this totally unacceptable service.     

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Re: Broadband Upgrade Issue

What is your line expected to be able to deliver? You can check on the DSL Checker here..

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Registered: ‎17-09-2017

Re: Broadband Upgrade Issue

Download 40.Mbps and Upload upto 20Mbps even 10 I would have been happier with but this is terrible at best.

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Re: Broadband Upgrade Issue

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Re: Broadband Upgrade Issue

Checking your account is showing that the line is still provided on the 40/2 speeds. I'll go place an order to correct that which should complete tomorrow.

It's worth noting that based on your estimates you might not see much of an improvement on the download speeds:

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