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Broadband Unstable

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Broadband Unstable

I don't know whether it is my broadband connection or wifi but the experience is that the service is extremely unstable.  Here are the facts of the matter:

  • The lights on the plusnet router appear blue (most of the time - I understand that the inward connection does drop from time to time and when it does the red disco lights start on the modem, I am not referring to this)
  • The devices are still connected to the wifi but to the outside world it appears to drop or go very slow on all devices connected - sometimes it can be just one or two devices connected, other times the number might increase to 4 or 5 devices
  • Doing a speed test the report (there is no consistency, although 30MB is the most common result)
    • fails as the connection is too slow
    • reports back a connection speed of 2MB
    • reports back a connection speed of 30+MB

No matter what the speed the experience is the same web page on the device fails to load or the call (via MS Teams) constantly drops and reconnects, or the tv streaming service just goes into a permanent state of buffering, ie everything just hangs.

My only other observation is that the wifi range/strength appears to be a lot worse than it used to.

What is going on?

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Re: Broadband Unstable

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Re: Broadband Unstable

We've recently moved to Plusnet from BT. Given their the same company I expected similar connection service. What rubbish. Should be getting 52mbps, luck to get 30! And just like you, the service drops out constantly.  I'll be moving back to BT first chance we get.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband Unstable

Welcome to the forums.


@tp2020  It looks like it's a wifi issue as your profile speed and connection look good. Have you tried a wired connection?


Please also take a look at our guides here.


@tdwood  - You've reported a speed fault, and we will get to it but we're concentrating our efforts on customers who haven't got anything right now.


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