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Broadband Speed Problem

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Broadband Speed Problem

I have been with Plusnet a number of years and consistantly have dl speeds of 68Mb/s. Over the last few weeks the speed considerably drops to 16Mb/s. This is remidied by a router reboot.
But over the next few days it drops from 68 to below 20Mb/s.

Now imagine 3 tvs watching UHD tv and online gaming and usual mobile browsing; the results are plain to see once the speed drops.

I have been told rebooting the router can actually slow the connection over time by the cabinet- but this is my only fix.

Its extremely annoying, especially because i pay for fibre unlimited and we rely on the faster speeds.

Im hoping a plusnet representative picks up on this and can offer advice.

Any help would be appreciated.

The attachment of my speed test result is the best of 10 tests. But even 20Mb/s is well below half of my usual 68Mb/s
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Re: Broadband Speed Problem

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Re: Broadband Speed Problem

Hi @Wezzerm1977,


Thanks for getting in touch.

I'm sorry that you have had problems with your speed recently, it's not ideal and I appreciate how frustrating this can be.


Can you please confirm if the issue is apparent on Wi-Fi only or is it also affecting wired connections (i.e. via an ethernet cable)? If it is just Wi-Fi, you may find the following troubleshooting link useful:


If you have a number of devices connecting via your Wi-Fi then splitting the Wi-Fi frequency and using a different channel may help. Apologies if the following link does not relate to your particular router but the general advise is still applicable:


Splitting the frequency (to help manage the Wi-Fi range):


Changing the router channel (to avoid interference from other routers on the same channel in your area):


If you continue to experience problems, please come back to us.

Thanks - LF