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Banded line

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Banded line

Hi. I have had a message from Plusnet, they say my line was banded, they have removed banding and to restart my router (i have)! Im on fibre extra my max down speed is 50meg and up 12meg ping 20. On the bt checker it says i am capable of 80/20 so why dont i hit these speeds? Thanks. Cheesy
I am novice and have only read/heard about banding today so please go gentle Embarrassed
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Re: Banded line

I assume by the BT checker you mean the the one that lists the estimated speeds that your line may get and you find out by entering your phone number at ? If so, then that is just an estimate and not necessarily the speeds you will get once the service goes live.
Please ensure that all speed tests are done using a wired Ethernet connection, not WiFi as the speed is too variable via WiFi.
To find out what speeds you are getting use the BTW Speedtest at , just click "yes" button and then click "Begin Test" (Ignore the red text, just try to ensure that one else is using the FTTC connection while you are testing). When the test completes, run the "Further Diagnostics" option, and enter your phone number on the next page. This test results will show the BT IP Profile speeds which shows the range that BT think you can get.
Finally look at the Plusnet Speed at which requires your Plusnet username and password to access.
With the above information, you can then see if your speed is in the right area and if the Plusnet speed matches the BT ones.