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Bad broadband speeds after joining

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Bad broadband speeds after joining

When I first moved to Plusnet my speeds were as expected and above the minimum speed guarantee.

However, it’s been dropping off and I’ve kept a record. The connection keeps dropping too.

This needs to be sorted and I’d prefer not to have a run of the mill answer.

I’ve even tried BT Wholesale speed check and it confirms the lower than promised speeds. This is all the more annoying because Plusnet is actually part of BT Group, as is BT Wholesale Openreach.
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Re: Bad broadband speeds after joining

Welcome to the community!

We need more information to enable us to try to help.

Is the device which drops the connection using Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection to the router?

Are you using a Hub One modem-router?

If you are using a Hub One router and connect to your device(s) using Wi-Fi

  1. Have you tried un-syncing the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands by allocating a different SSID to each band? To do this, log into the Hub One >Advanced Settings > Wireless > 5 GHz Wireless, and set Sync with 2.4 GHz = No. If you have done this, and the issue persists, try the suggestions on this board thread Hub One - 5GHz WiFi issue - Plusnet Community
  2. Can you run a wired Ethernet connection from a router’s LAN port to your device to eliminate Wi-Fi from consideration?

Have you checked out your line for noise by running quiet line test?  To do this dial 17070 - option 2, using a corded handset if possible - the only thing you should hear is a periodic 'Quiet Line Test' voice message. If you hear noise, crackling etc, report a phone fault, as without a silent phone connection, your broadband bit rate will drop.

Have you tried to connect your router’s micro filter directly to the test socket behind Openreach master socket faceplate?

The following modem stats may be helpful:

Current data rate

Maximum data rate

Signal to Noise ratio

Line attenuation

Signal attenuation

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Registered: ‎15-04-2021

Re: Bad broadband speeds after joining

Tried and t doesn’t work, I don’t have a Openreach socket, I have one of the old ones.

I joined on 31 March 2020. I have daily (sometimes multiple test on a day) record on Ookla.

I was given a cooling off period which ended before the service started so was useless and I didn’t get to experience the service within that period and so this way of abusing the 14 day period should not be allowed

My minimum guaranteed speed is 63.3 Mbs, I’m getting low 20’s and 30’s most of the time and that’s during what should be low demand times (I tried at 3am this morning). It occasionally & briefly reaches the speeds contracted, then falls again. I’m constantly losing connection.

It started getting bad after Plusnet emailed me details of the speeds I should expect, what I am guaranteed etc.
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Re: Bad broadband speeds after joining

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