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BT & Plusnet minimum speed estimates & customer experiences?

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BT & Plusnet minimum speed estimates & customer experiences?

I'm currently with plusnet but have had a repeated issue of service drops and speeds falling to unusable levels (up speed goes to 200kb/s every 6 weeks or so).. I'm supposed to be on an 80/20 connection.. minimum guaranteed is 45 down.


Background: I've had 6 engineers out to my house this year since january to deal with the same issues (normally something to do with damaged cables in the exchange or the signal being turned down due to faults on the line... whatever that means).. and this latest fault has taken nearly 3 weeks to resolve - with various plusnet customer service agents that I've spoken to on the phone not believing that there is a fault with my service, and then being emailed a few days later to let me know that low and behold, they've tested the line and there is, in fact, a fault.. as I had explained. Honestly, the stress of having to go through this process repeatedly every 6 weeks and to explain the same issue over and over again to agents who seem unable or uninterested in reading through the history of faults on my account is exhausting. We've had our master socket changed twice, new router sent out. The issue is always in the exchange. The last agent dealing with this particular fault did a DLM reset from speed priority to stability, against my wishes, wish made it even worse. We've had an engineer out today and our service is currently working again but I'm so disappointed by how this has handled and the amount of time I have had to waste on the phone and waiting in for engineers is ridiculous.. and I'm out of contract in a few weeks, so I think I'm going to look for a new provider with hopefully a better customer service process.


I've been checking the minimum guaranteed speed with BT and they've quoted their min guaranteed service to my property as 41MB/s - whereas plusnet's minimum is 45MB/s (advertised as 66 average - in reality it's often been 25 down).. it's my understanding that they're all using the same openreach cables and equipment - so is it the case that BT are just offering a more conservative minimum estimate, or am I missing something and plusnet's equipment or ability to deliver fast speeds is superior? Sky is also quoting (superfast 51-71 down) max guaranteed 45Mb/s.. so I'm just curious if the BT connection is the same as plusnet & sky's... it's open reach fibre to the cabinet, London, w12 0aj.


Would also love to hear feedback from anyone who has been with sky or bt and moved to/from plusnet - and how they match up in terms of dealing with faults and speed, dropouts and general reliability.


Many thanks.



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Re: BT & Plusnet minimum speed estimates & customer experiences?


Unless you have FTTP or a cable connection the maximum speed that you will get is determined by the pair of wires connected between your property and the green FTTC street cabinet, regardless of which ISP that you go with. So the only difference is how good the customer services are in their dealing with Openreach when you have a problem. I can't comment on this but suspect that it is a variable feast with customers of each ISP having good and bad experiences.

If you want top quality customer services then go to a premium ISP, Andrews and Arnold are recommended but you get what you pay for, they are not cheap. However if the Openreach infrastructure is fixed, your connection is good and the billing works for you then you never need to contact customer services anyway.

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Re: BT & Plusnet minimum speed estimates & customer experiences?

Not looked at A&A's prices for a long while, but I suspect my current ISP (Zen) are a little cheaper, and although I have had little cause to contact them, I can safely say I have been super-impressed.