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BT Speedtest

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BT Speedtest

why has the BT speedtest not been fixed ? 

i noticed a lot here suggest to use this test, but as known for some time now it is unreliable Sad

especially on Firefox  , i just took two speed tests to highlight what i mean, no wonder customer complain when the test suggested is at fault Undecided

bt test 1.PNGtbb.PNG

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Re: BT Speedtest

Its deffo broken because it reports me having 500 down and 14 up lol

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Re: BT Speedtest

3rd'd Thought I was seeing things 


300mbps   ( oops now 112mbps)    d/l and 16mbps upload  on an 80/20  service  that has been fairly stable  at 69/17   - though just noticed that SNR  has crept up from 3.0 to 3.8 probably explains why upload speer is now being reported as nearer to 12-14mps 


any issues with plusnet   - apart from the obvious issue with BT speed tester