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BT Openreach "Coming Soon" how soon is "soon"?

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BT Openreach "Coming Soon" how soon is "soon"?

Hi all,
since late last year BT Openreach for my local exchange Wem (01939) for fibre states,
"Status: Coming Soon
Your area will be enabled within the next 6 months and we'll provide more detail nearer the time. At the moment you can't order superheats fibre"
anyone any idea how long this actually takes?
Well over 6 months has elapsed since that status was first published.
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Re: BT Openreach "Coming Soon" how soon is "soon"?

Accordording to
Connecting Shropshire will be providing fibre broadband coverage to Wem with availability starting in summer 2015.

Try putting your phone number or postcode in to their Where and When search.
The other place to look is on and customise to show planned road works for the next 12 months. The only phone installation I can see is out on the A49.
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