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BT IP Profile Reset

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BT IP Profile Reset

I have had an electrician come round to fix a problem we had with electrics and in doing so he turned off and on the electricity supply a few times.


Plunet Profile is stable at 78Mb, but now my BT ip Profile has decreased by about 8Mb.


I need a BT IP Profile reset but it is impossible to get through on the phone and PlusNet has done a brilliant job in limiting our contact options to the usual 20min to 30min wait on the phone (Quite tragic, I must add.  Customer Service was 2nd to none when I first joined many many years ago).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: BT IP Profile Reset

the only way that can be changed is for an engineer to go to the cab after a fault is raised

it is most unlikely that a fault will be accepted so you can only wait for the dynamic line management system to change things 

note that it isn't the IP profile but the sync speed which will need to change