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BT Buisiness Hub 5 for home?

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BT Buisiness Hub 5 for home?

I have a Business Hub 5 and I wanted to know whether I would be able to use it on my home network. I understand that the main difference to the home hub is to do with the business hub using a static ip address whereas at home I don't have this - would I need to change any settings etc? thanks
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Re: BT Buisiness Hub 5 for home?

I'm pretty sure the Business Hub can use dynamic or static IP, it's just less 'locked down' than the Home Hub with access to things like DNS settings (maybe also responds to Pings on the WAN - our Business Hub 3 does).
Just make sure it's set for receiving a dynamic IP (DHCP)* and continue just the same as you would with a Home Hub.
*On the BH3 this is a case of selecting the 'Static IP' tab under 'Settings' (select 'Advanced Settings' first) and make sure 'Static IP address' is turned off.
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