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Appalling broadband speed

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Appalling broadband speed

Is anyone able to help?  I changed from standard broadband to fibre on 1.12.16.  Prior to changing our broadband was ok - generally got between 15-18 mbps.   I changed to fibre in the hope of getting at least twice that speed  but it's worse now than in the old days of dial up!!!

I've been in touch with PN via live chat, restarted our router several times and raised a fault.  No contact received from PN since Friday and its Xmas in a few days.   With 3 kids who cannot survive without the internet its going to be a pretty grim festive period :undecided :undecided:


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Re: Appalling broadband speed

Are you able to log on to the router, presumably the Hub One, go to the Helpdesk tab, in the Troubleshooting tab, and copy and paste the results, but make sure you hide your username, SSID's and any other sensitive information as this is a public forum.

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Re: Appalling broadband speed

Hello @mamabrown


I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you are going through. Looking at your account I can see you've raised a fault with us and it's in hand with our suppliers to resolve an overutilisation capacity issue at your exchange.


We hope it should be resolved just before the weekend.

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Re: Appalling broadband speed

I believe that you've had an update this morning, but I'll paste it here for transparency:


Thank you for your patience.

After testing we have found an external fault, we do not require an appointment at the moment.

Currently your exchange is suffering from capacity issues on the Openreach network not only affecting ourselves but other providers such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk

Due to this your Sync speeds are showing correct at (Speed) however your throughput speeds when testing or using the connection will be significantly lower till Openreach rectify the issue.

They have informed us that they have plans to upgrade the exchange to combat this problem and the date of completion is 23/12/16

Hope this helps and sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing.



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Re: Appalling broadband speed

Thanks for looking into this!   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will start to improve from 23/12 - just in time for Christmas :grin: