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Anyone with a BT Openreach NTE5C + Mk4 Faceplate should change

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Anyone with a BT Openreach NTE5C + Mk4 Faceplate should change



these things!!! -  nothing but a nuisance...  it has been welll documented on various brodband and tech forums since the release of these units that they can cause issues, im in a second property where a BT engineer installed one without even saying he did, and ever since my speeds have dropped and dropped and dropped....INP and Interleaving has been increased by far especially on line normally runs with INP and Interleaving OFF...but not with this!! now in my previous property, I had the exact same issues...replaced it with NTE5A and Filtered Faceplate Mk3 resolved the issue with a line reset afterwards.... I have the same kit here the NEXT 4TH ENGINEER can install....why should it take multiple visits like this?


I once was with sky, my 18Mb dropped to 9Mb - it took 3 months and 7 engineers to resolve a "split pair"... it drove me into despair with the amount of calls and carry on, I was compensated for my problems.


Point is....if you have one of these units probably do best getting rid and replace with NTE5A and SSFP Mk 3 (or dongle filter)


It is of MY opinion that the whole metal plate design of the internals on the 5C attract interference from around your home into the signal thus causing error protection levels to increase! (and speeds to drop)


do yourself a favour and be rid of it!

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Re: Anyone with a BT Openreach NTE5C + Mk4 Faceplate should change

They are indeed a fault liability, as often mentioned in various techie forums. A friend of mine is on his fourth one in two years.

I've got a couple of NTE5A/Mk3 sets from a popular auction site in my spares box - they usually go for around £12 or less.

Stock up while you can!

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Re: Anyone with a BT Openreach NTE5C + Mk4 Faceplate should change

I have FTTC for several years was 40 Mbps dropped to 38 ish, I lived with that. 

A month or so ago had a download drop by 25%, long story but fixed about ten days ago, since then speeds got a lot better.

The yesterday speed dropped from 45 Mbps (best I have ever had) to 35 ish so I reset my router in the hope of better speed and it reduced (ok I know about resetting and learning again) and has stayed at 26/27. 

The fix for the 25% drop was some bad wiring in  a cabinet and subsequently a profile reset. 


OK so where does the "5C" come in ?  🙂 

During the Engineer visit he fitted (unknown to me ! )  what looks like a new face plate on the existing back plate. I'm assuming the old back plate just don't want to break the circuit at the moment by removing the face plate.


The new part has "Openreach" on the front and hidden from my view due to position of socket "Master Socket 5C"

I should mention at this point that the face plate supplied has only ONE socket not like the one shown in this post which has two sockets i.e. a phone socket & and RJ11 (I assumed filtered inside like my old Mk3).


This single socket I have has a dangle filter plugged in out of which come my only phone connection and my broadband connection.  Seems a bit daft as I assume inside this new 5C is a filter already? 


Why I didn't get a face plate with the two connections I have no idea, but admittedly it HAD been working fine, before the dramatic drop from 45 to 25/26 Mbps. 

I did find a few blogs on the new "Master Socket 5C" with lots of interesting info, like a way to extend the "already filtered"  ! !   connection to a more accessible place to connect a router. 

I found this post more by accident than design as I had intended to just ask if anyone had this 5C box.

Now having not received any info on the 5C (I certainly would have asked about the reason for dangle filter! ) from the Engineer although there is Openreach info on this on the web ...


(He did leave the old MK3 face plate on my desk! which had me wondering if it just fitted back onto the back plate!)

I am in limbo as to what to do...

A.  Ask for a different face plate with phone and RJ11 socket as above i.e. Mk4

B.  Wire a new connection from inside the 5C for broadband, assuming it is filtered inside the back plate.

C.  Emigrate to somewhere with FTTP. 


Back to reading blogs and the above OR link. 





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Re: Anyone with a BT Openreach NTE5C + Mk4 Faceplate should change


When you say speeds have dropped, is the connection / sync speed, or the speed as a result of a speedtest?

Did the sync/speedtest speed drop soon after the replacement speedtest?

Have you had any GEA test results prior/after the face-plate change?, if so  was there cross-talk or interference detected.?

Is there a reduction in sync or speedtest results at any particular time of the day?

Can you provide a link to a tech forum(s) where this issue is discussed.