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Anyone have connection issues between midnight and now?

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Anyone have connection issues between midnight and now?

It's very rare experience issues at all, but I noticed a connection drop about five past midnight.  I rebooted the router and when it got back online the connection was flaky.  Speed was obviously off, and I noticed lots of packet loss showing up on  Approx ten minutes later the connection stabilised and I'm getting a solid 68Mbps again.  Anyway, about 10-15 minutes ago it happened again and this is what I found in my Asus router's log...
Feb 18 02:21:20 pppd[494]: No response to 10 echo-requests
Feb 18 02:21:20 pppd[494]: Serial link appears to be disconnected.
Feb 18 02:21:20 pppd[494]: Connect time 117.6 minutes.
Feb 18 02:21:20 pppd[494]: Sent 50286680 bytes, received 300496300 bytes.
Feb 18 02:21:20 miniupnpd[673]: Failed to get IP for interface ppp0
Feb 18 02:21:20 miniupnpd[673]: SendNATPMPPublicAddressChangeNotification: cannot get public IP address, stopping
Feb 18 02:21:21 dnsmasq[443]: read /etc/hosts - 5 addresses
Feb 18 02:21:21 dnsmasq[443]: read /etc/hosts.dnsmasq - 12 addresses
Feb 18 02:21:21 dnsmasq-dhcp[443]: read /etc/ethers - 12 addresses
Feb 18 02:21:21 dnsmasq[443]: using nameserver
Feb 18 02:21:21 dnsmasq[443]: using nameserver
Feb 18 02:21:23 WAN Connection: Fail to connect with some issues.
Feb 18 02:21:23 stop_nat_rules: apply the redirect_rules!
Feb 18 02:21:26 pppd[494]: Connection terminated.
Feb 18 02:21:26 pppd[494]: Sent PADT
Feb 18 02:21:26 pppd[494]: Modem hangup

I'm just wondering if a problem has developed my end or if Plusnet is wonky tonight.
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Re: Anyone have connection issues between midnight and now?

Have you checked their service status for your area ?  I work unitl midnight and when I came home last night, my 21 yr old son said he had been having drop outs on his wired PC all afternoon, every 5 minutes or so and for anout 10 seconds. I switched my PC on and in the half hour I was online, I experienced about 7 drop outs.
I checked the service status and it appears they are doing some sort of work between midnight and about 6.00 am, in certain areas, however mine is not one of them. I contacted online chat about 10 minutes ago and had a conversation, where the extremely nice guy said, and I quote "The line is dropping on our side, so I'd like you to log this as being a fault using the link below", which I have now done. So hopefully that will be the end of it soon, although it hasn't dropped once thie morning in the last half hour I have been online.
Here is the link to the service status page
Hope this helps.