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Anyone Know Any Way To Rattle Someone's Cage at BT Openreach?

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Anyone Know Any Way To Rattle Someone's Cage at BT Openreach?

My story is long and tortuous and you'd die of boredom before we get to the end of it.  Suffice to say, I have ADSL only with 3.7km of aluminium (not even copper) cable direct to the exchange.  Twelve months of problems with DSL drop outs, PlusNet have been great but they rely on BT Openreach who are useless!. The organisation, not the bods.   Today was my eight and ninth engineer visits.


Anyway........... our local upgrade to FTTC has been delayed and delayed again but three weeks ago I noticed that fibre was now available.  So I checked with PN, made sure it was going to be a local cabinet, not one at the exchange and went ahead to sign on the dotted line with a guaranteed download >30Mb.  So far so good, completion was due today.


I get a knock on the door this morning because the BTO engineer can't find us in the cabinet.  So he goes away for 2 hours to trace us.  Nice, helpful kid but he came back with the bad news - nothing has changed.  We are still an  exchange only line, fibre still unavailable.  PlusNet are reverting my package and will find out why BTO have suddenly not only withdrawn availability but back tracked on availability date - there now isn't one.  They sound as exasperated as I am.


No point complaining to PlusNet, they can't move mountains.  I want to give someone at BT Openreach's cage a massive rattling.  But contact information doesn't exist, they are business-business.  Does anyone know who I can have a toot at, short of speaking to Offcom?




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Re: Anyone Know Any Way To Rattle Someone's Cage at BT Openreach?

Difficult. More to the point what do you expect to happen? if you just want to have a rant and annoy someone for ten minutes I'm sure we can come up with an address. However if you're hoping to motivate openreach to move your line onto a cabinet I'm not sure we can help. The costs involved mean that one more complaint from a customer is unlikely to carry much weight. Never lose sight of the fact this is about money. openreach don't hate you - they just can't afford to help you.

In any case based on what you've posted I suspect that it won't help you anyway. Moving your line to a closer cabinet almost certainly involves roadworks over and above those normally needed to install a cabinet. So in most cases all openreach do is build a cab just outside the exchange. In your case that would put you out of reach of VDSL so you'd not be able to order Sad

But openreach have been known to relocate EO lines to a closer cabinet. It all comes down to how many people it can help. If you live in what is (or was in years gone by) a village on the outskirts of town on EO lines it could make sense. But as I understand it EO lines are mostly properties close to the exchange with a handful of isolated properties (farm houses and the like) further out. In that scenario a cabinet near the exchange is the only viable option.

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Re: Anyone Know Any Way To Rattle Someone's Cage at BT Openreach?

This may be a long shot, but If you are in a rural area that has a "Superfast Broadband" project running, and if the government website indicates that it is now supposed to be available at your address, you could inform your local project that it isn't and ask them to take it up with BT.

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Re: Anyone Know Any Way To Rattle Someone's Cage at BT Openreach?

It's of no consolation to you but I am in exactly the same situation.


Getting nowhere fast with excuse after excuse trotted out.


I've seemingly exhausted every avenue and am at my wits end trying to get in touch with someone who is actually in possession of any credible explanation as to what is going on.







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Re: Anyone Know Any Way To Rattle Someone's Cage at BT Openreach?