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Any fibre faults reported in E7 8LB

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Any fibre faults reported in E7 8LB

Hi All
have lost connection for 2 hours including phone which is down also from plusnet. could not get any response from @plusnethelp.

Anyone please investigate

Thank you
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Re: Any fibre faults reported in E7 8LB

what does say here

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samsung 850evo 250gig , WD black 2 TB . Asus Phoebus sound ,
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Corsair 750HXI Psu , Phanteks Enthoo pro case .
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Re: Any fibre faults reported in E7 8LB

Hello @namster


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your phone & broadband. I've checked for any major service incidents via the Openreach website here and there's nothing reported.


If you haven't already I'd recommend going through the troubleshooting here and then to run a line test here. If a fault has been detected that requires no appointment to your property, the system will automatically raise a trouble report with Openreach.


I hope this helps, but please feel free to let me know if you require any further assistance and I'll see what I can do once I am back in the office tomorrow.

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